Friday, April 18, 2008

I used to be "Anybody but McCain", but...

I now see McCain as the lesser of three evils, soon to be two. My animus for Mr. McCain's policies are well documented, and unchanged. I am not a McCain supporter, and I doubt I ever will be.

That said, I am even more alienated from Obama and Clinton, as the truth about their positions becomes more evident. Here is a short lit of the things Obama has revealed that soured me on him.
  1. He says he is against the war in Iraq. He claims that we never should have started the war, and he would withdraw our troops as fast as possible.
  2. He is for taxing "the rich", meaning the upper middle class, where I ascribe to being soon.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Obama Speech Rewrite

I have a copy of Barack Obama's speech, and I think it was very good, with a few notable exceptions. I think I will rewrite parts of it, and post it here. Did you read it? I will try to link to it, or at least the text of it. I don't think one needs to hear his actual voice reading it.

Stop back by soon, and it should be up.