Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pre-Primary 2016 Ramblings

It's been a while.  I am trying to have a positive impact on the 2016 election, by resisting the polarization within the primary process.  Sure, I support my guy, and I am a member of a major party. But I am not saying that any other choice beside mine is fatal to the cause. Since it is before the first primary or caucus, things could change and I don't want to have to walk back any statements about other candidates.
What I am also bumping into is that on Facebook, when I post something, there is a lot of noisy feedback, and often the points get lost in the ensuing debate. This may be intentional, but this is not my intention. Another point is that I base my decisions on my Christian worldview, and sometimes this causes a lot of feedback. I need to stand firmly and confidently upon my choices, and to do so, they must be well thought out, and considered before being published. Perhaps I will use this blog as a point to launch and to test such positions first.