Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Content of the Character

Well, we now know that Barrack Obama has won the 2008 Presidential Election. Congratulations are in order, and I think he might have won even if Acorn et al had not cheated. Senator Obama's victory is historic, in that he is the first black American to win the highest office in the land. In the generic sense, I am happy that bridge has been crossed.

Now we can not blame racism for our problems, not say "The Man" is holding us back, and we can now get off our collective behinds and take responsibility for our own lives and actions. Granted, there are many who have already taken that step, and are mainstream American conservatives, but I say it as an all-inclusive statement because we are all Americans, as Barrack likes to say.

Now we can say that the psychology of slavery has been overcome, and blacks are now just like the rest of the American society, full citizens able to reach the highest office in the land through peaceful means. There is nothing that American blacks cannot do, and nothing that any other self-identified sub-groups cannot do. Barrack has proven it, so let's get to work.

My brother called me last night to bask in the win of Senator Obama, and to ask a question. He asked if over the next four years Barrack Obama could win my vote. I immediately thought of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous line, which I have used as a guiding light in my life: Judge people not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I already judged President-elect Obama by that standard, and decided not to vote for him for that reason. Too many things strike me as either bad, weak, or hidden to entrust him willingly to the highest office in the land. Need I list them? for posterity, I will:
- Jeremiah Wright and the hateful things he taught the Obamas over the past 20 years. Did he know and not care, or was he that politically deaf that he missed it?
- Bill Ayers. That 60's radical still wants to use his associations to bring an end to Capitalism in the USA, and will use his connections to Obama for that purpose. Mr. Ayers may have succeeded in moving the mainstream of American educational thought to the left, but it is still not in the mainstream of American values. I also believe Barrack will appoint people who think like Ayers to posts in his administration, to our country's detriment.
- Stealing Hillary's election. See, and see how it was done. Not the stuff of a candidate on the up and up.
- belief in man-made Global warming, against all the scientific evidence.
- naively thinking that we could negotiate with hostile countries without preconditions. To think that we can come to agreement with nut-jobs like Ahmadinejad of Iran, when what he/they want is the extermination of Israel belies his inexperience, and is a pipe dream. They will not compromise, as we should not either.
- Acorn. Obama's association with Acorn is obscured, and seems to be one of political expedience, and this is not the type of organization that a President should be involved with. Will they be called in to help set the agenda during the transition, as he said would happen if he won the White House?
- Franklin Raines. This former head of Fannie Mae is up to his eyeballs in the financial crisis, including being a CEO who took a large golden parachute, at the expense of a failing business which we had to bail out.

Am I without hope? No, not at all. First, God is still God, and He is still in control. Second, the GOP still has more than 40 seats in the Senate, so they can still filibuster, if it is necessary. Plus, Senator Obama plans to run again, so he will have to balance his extreme Liberal tendencies with his need to get moderate and Republican votes in four years.

To answer my brother's question, President-elect Obama can earn my vote, but it is unlikely he will try to. We will make it through the next four years, but the country will be weakened and damaged. Will we be able to repair it? I'm not sure, but it is worth trying. Next post: the judiciary, abortion, and the rest of the targets of Liberal assault.