Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Anybody But McCain (still)

I have been toying with the idea that I should not vote for John McCain. Not that he is not a great Vietnam hero; he is. Not that he did not have a conservative voting record, it is generally more conservative than his Democratic opponents. It's the rest of his baggage that makes him unpalatable.

Mr. McCain is supposed to be giving us conservative judicial nominees, but if memory serves, was not the Gang of 14 about making the President submit his choices to the Senate before actually submitting them as candidates? Did McCain not advocate the president consulting with Congress before submitting candidates, to ensure that they were not too "out of the mainstream"?
Lest you think I am out on a limb by myself, Mark Levin has written a column much more scholarly than I could ever write, but then, I don't expect my readers to all be scholars.

On the immigration issue, Mr. McCain has Juan Hernandez on his campaign staff as an adviser on Latino affairs. That is like the fox guarding the proverbial henhouse, as Senior Hernandez is a Mexican citizen, who advocates open borders and pseudo-amnesty.

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