Saturday, February 23, 2008

Obama Debate Thoughts

I did not have the privilege of watching the Democratic debate in Texas, as I live in Georgia. I did hear some of the clips on the radio. I was disappointed because he seemed to contradict himself. In answer to a question, the candidate seemed to be saying that he would meet with other heads of state without preconditions, then he said that those countries had to prepare to meet with us. He said that meeting with the President of the United States should not be something that those countries have to earn, that we are not above them.

It bothers me that Obama does not recognize that we are one of the best, if not the best, country on the earth. It is not that we are inherently better than other people, but our form of government recognizes the weakness of man, and balances the power among many, to protect the society. It was founded by Godly men of Christian background. Obama not recognizing the strength and value of our country, and form of government is troubling because he seems to equate the US with Cuba, North Korea, and other dictatorially controlled countries, at least morally. There is, to my mind, no moral equivalent between us and those countries. Obama says the foundation of any discussions we may have is freedom in those countries, which sounds a lot like a precondition. Leaving aside the apparent contradiction, he does seem to let his view that we have freedom, and they need it, surface, if ever so briefly. I have hope that Obama will change to let that portion of his understanding win out when he becomes President. I am not sure, but can only hope.

Shelby Steele has an interesting book about Obama out, and I intend to read it. I read a chapter or two, and recommend it for those who want to know the background of this man who could be President.

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