Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Lord and JWs

I have been having an on-going conversation with some local Jehovah's Witnesses. They have come by my house, asked to drop off some literature, and if they could discuss the Bible with me. I,being the confident Christian that I am, of course take on the challenge. I talk with them for about a half hour or so almost every Saturday. I try very hard not to argue, as I don't want to turn them off, though I do want to turn them to Christ. They seem just as intent to turn me to Jehovah.

Last week, the guy came by while I was out, and of course my wife was busy with the kids and
could not take the time to carry the torch to them for me.
So this week, the guy came while I was on the phone talking. I answered the door, but he was polite, and seeing the phone cradled on my shoulder, excused himself before I could stop talking and ask him to wait. Never mind that I was talking with a lawn care service salesman, and it was not that important. So I thought I got off easy this week without talking with them. Annnh- Wrong answer! I got a call a few minutes later from another JW, one who did not seem to know me, or know of me. He just started talking, and I stopped him after he said he wanted to talk about the Bible, to ask what church he attended. He said the kingdom Hall, and so I said "Oh, you're another JW". He agreed, and off we went into talking about the Bible. He wanted to present something that they probably told him about at one of the many Bible study/meetings they have weekly. We politely talked for almost an hour, and then we both had to go, but I agreed to accept the free literature he offered to mail me.

It seemed that even though my timing was off, the Lord (Jehovah if you will) wanted me to talk with them this week. I truly enjoy sparring with them, almost as if we had Samurai swords. We thrust, dodge, avoid, and eventually, someone will prevail. I know that the Lord always wins, so I am glad to be on his side. I am honored to be used in this way, as I sometimes feel as though I am a "cracked pot", a weak vessel, but the Lord chooses to use me in this way, and it thrills me to no end! I always pray when I am about to go talk with them, and I look forward to it. This is one of the things that He has prepared me for over the years, because one must be very broadly knowledgeable to discuss things with JWs. They are all over the place in and out of the Bible, and if you can't discuss things with them they think they get the upper hand, or they may intimidate you into impatience or into not evangelizing them. Many people think the best way to deal with them is to pull the blinds, pretend you don't hear them but I take the position that they are a mission field on my front porch. I hope to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Walter Martin and J. Vernon McGee, as they reached out to JW's when they had the chance. What can the Lord do through you? What has he prepared you for? Whatever it is, it will glorify Him, and bring you true satisfaction. It may even feel natural!

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