Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why I Will Never Vote for Hillary Clinton

This is a first cut at explaining logically why I will never vote for Hillary Clinton for President. Here goes!
  1. Mrs. Clinton thinks she knows better what to do with my money, and would raise my taxes to get it and prove it. I am one of those middle class tax payers who she mistakes as "rich", because the end of the Bush tax cuts would hit me and my family hard.
  2. I don't think universal health care is a good government policy. I think the best way to reduce health care costs is to have tort reform, but she will never advocate or support such a position, because she is a lawyer herself. Trial lawyers support Democrats like her; look at John Edwards!
  3. Bill Clinton would be in the White House again.
  4. Interns would be in the White House with Bill Clinton again.
  5. Mrs. Clinton would reduce our commitment to winning the global war on terrorism, even if not all the troops were taken out of Iraq.
  6. Mrs. Clinton is pro-choice. She is guaranteed to appoint liberal judicial nominees to the Supreme court.
  7. Mrs. Clinton is in favor of big government, and would try to use government to implement some (as many as we could finance) of her programs to improve America.
  8. Mrs. Clinton has socialistic tendencies, believing government has the best ways to solve people's problems. Conservatives believe people can best solve their own and each other's problems if left alone by government.
  9. Mrs. Clinton has never run any business, and has no sense of what it takes to run a country. As first lady, she was around the president, and certainly learned some things, but there is no comparison with seeing another person run a business or a country and being responsible to do so your self.
  10. Mrs. Clinton never defines "The Middle Class", but I bet that at $80k to 100k, I am not in it. She says she will help the middle class, and that we are key to the country's future, but I doubt her sincerity about that, based on her husband's past record.
  11. Finally, I do not believe that Bill Clinton will be under Hillary's control now any more than he was when he dated Monica Lewinsky. She says she can control him, but I have not seen that in the past. She only cleans up after him, and old dogs don't change. It seems ridiculous on its face to think that Bill Clinton will not have an active role in making policy and important decisions during her presidency. Former President Clinton would be in essence skirting the laws about not having a third term by being married to Hillary during her presidency. They ran as "two for the Price of One" in 1992, and it would be no different today.

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tpro1 said...

Not even to "Rush the Vote" for Operation Chaos would I vote for Hillary. I keep waiting for the t-shirt with skinny legs sticking to from under the house, as it was in the Wizard of Oz.